“Unless we adopt a sys­tems approach, unless we employ sys­tems think­ing, we will fail to under­stand the world we are liv­ing in”
Angel Gur­ria, OECD Sec­ret­ary Gen­er­al
“We need to identi­fy, under­stand and devel­op appro­pri­ate ways of apply­ing sys­tems think­ing to col­lect­ively define and address the chal­lenges that we con­front”
United Nations Sys­tem Lead­er­ship Frame­work
We need to cata­lyse action by build­ing con­text- and issue-spe­cif­ic net­works, coali­tions and part­ner­ships, lever­aging the diverse con­tri­bu­tions of all rel­ev­ant stake­hold­ers with­in and out­side the UN
United Nations Sys­tem Lead­er­ship Frame­work
Change the way how our story unfolds …

Aris­totle described peri­peteia, as a sud­den reversal in cir­cum­stances, that swiftly turns a routine sequence of events into a story. It begins with some breach in the expec­ted state of things. The story con­cerns efforts to cope or come to terms with the breach and its con­sequences, lead­ing to an out­come, some sort of res­ol­u­tion.


“The human intel­lect is cap­able of organ­ising soci­ety to solve the great prob­lems of our world, such as mal­nu­tri­tion, poverty and war, and yet human­ity allows these prob­lems to per­sist. This is a mor­al out­rage.”

Charles West Church­man

Peripeteia eripeteia tells the emer­ging story of the 21st cen­tury, where we as soci­ety are con­fron­ted with a breach in our expect­a­tions, unin­ten­ded con­sequences of our past think­ing and actions, which led to gradu­al erosion of our col­lect­ive resi­li­ence, caus­ing sys­tem­ic issues such as cli­mate change, pro­trac­ted con­flicts, entrenched hori­zont­al and ver­tic­al poverty, inequal­ity or mass migra­tion. The per­sist­ence of these con­sequences tells a story of an ongo­ing struggle of our human com­munity to engage with uncer­tainty and com­plex­ity, to nego­ti­ate inter­de­pend­ence and mul­tiple per­spect­ives, lead­ing to cop­ing strategies and res­ol­u­tions, which remain frag­men­ted, isol­ated, and largely un-sus­tain­able. We live in, and cre­ate our peri­peteia, where our best efforts to change the story, seems to unfold in way, where we become trapped in vicious cycles of stor­ies of breach in expect­a­tion, cop­ing strategies and res­ol­u­tions.

Althoughlthough it is true that there are no quick fixes or solu­tions to sys­tem­ic issues, we see a sig­ni­fic­ant oppor­tun­ity to enlarge and nur­ture our col­lect­ive capa­city to co-cer­ate a story of a more resi­li­ent soci­ety. To rebuild our resi­li­ence, we require the capa­city for sys­tem­ic inquiry in our think­ing and action, which must not reside in a few, but in all of us. Wheth­er as indi­vidu­als, groups, or organ­isa­tions, we are united through a con­vic­tion that pro­gress­ive crit­ic­al sys­tems think­ing and action, will rein­vig­or­ate our col­lect­ive resi­li­ence, with last­ing improve­ment in the well-being of our soci­ety and rela­tion­ship with our plan­et.

“Human con­tacts are the fields in which we suc­ceed or fail. I believe that they mat­ter far more than any­thing else in life. What we are is writ­ten on the people whom we have met and known, touched, loved, hated and passed by. It is the lives of oth­ers that testi­fy for or against us, not our own”
Sir Geof­frey Vick­ers

How we engage engage

Every con­text is unique. We are all embed­ded in a unique insti­tu­tion­al dynam­ic, a social fab­ric which con­strains or enables us to engage in pur­pose­ful action to bring about sys­tem­ic change. Our col­lect­ive social learn­ing cycle nur­tures equally nov­el insti­tu­tion­al con­fig­ur­a­tions and social innov­a­tion. This co-cre­ates the capa­city for sys­tems think­ing and action, not resid­ing with the indi­vidu­al, but dis­trib­uted and sus­tained over time through emer­ging norms and rela­tion­al struc­tures.

“As glob­al cit­izens, the capa­city for sys­tem­ic inquiry in our think­ing and action, must not reside in a few, but in all of us.”

Sascha Kress, Peri­peteia

Our Sphere of Work

We sup­port the UN Sus­tain­able Devel­op­ment Goals.

We see our work as fun­da­ment­al to ALL Sus­tain­able Devel­op­ment Goals, which require new, more sys­tem­ic think­ing and action to achieve the goals togeth­er.

Education for Sustainable Development and Global Citizenship

The UN Sus­tain­able Devel­op­ment Goal no.4 places great emphas­is on edu­ca­tion, with the UNESCO advoc­at­ing for edu­ca­tion which facil­it­ates the enact­ment of Glob­al Cit­izen­ship. The United Nations Sys­tems Lead­er­ship Frame­work and the OECD, calls for Sys­tems Think­ing in Action and for co-cre­ation through inter-organ­isa­tion­al rela­tion­ships.

We at Peri­peteia share this vis­ion, with a con­vic­tion that Glob­al Cit­izen­ship must be enacted upon by all of us, with a much needed dis­trib­uted capa­city for sys­tem­ic inquiry and applied sys­tems think­ing as the found­a­tion to real­ize the Sus­tain­able Devel­op­ment Goals.

Our Partners

Revital­ize the glob­al part­ner­ship for sus­tain­able devel­op­ment.